About Me

Hello, I am Nayna Joshi. Your Dream Girl in Delhi

My name is Nayna Joshi and I am from Delhi itself. I am well educated, skilled and sincere girl who loves fun and dating. I belong to a traditional Hindu family and live alone in Delhi. As, I was born and brought up in Punjab, I am also a multilingual girl, fluent in Hindi, English and Punjabi.I’ve graduated from Delhi University just 2 times back and presently pursuing Masters in Commerce. My academics are veritably good and I take my study as in casual way.


In my professional life, I have worked with many advertising Company, even in some commercial adverts I have got some role. I am good looking, skilled and stylish girl so people like my company. In social life, I easily becomes friendly. My open-minded attitude sparks me to do anything without any worry. In short, you can take me a freaky girl who loves doing daring things.


I’m a futuristic girl and I love planning for my life also. I love spending plutocrat on extravagant effects. I like giving or taking precious gifts. I wear only ingrained lingerie only and like Gold Jewelries. I prefer to use only decoration quality makeup accoutrements and I’m a regular client of beauty places. I like wearing traditional cloths but you’ll always see me in casuals, like Pants, T-Shirts, partial sleeves Kurta etc. Occasionally, I also wear Sari but only sometimes. 


I’ve a lot of dreams in my eyes and expedients in my mind which I want to recreate in my real life. I come into the profession of Delhi companion service for not just making plutocrat. I also wants to make strong connections with high class gentleman and a good friend circle so that I can survive in my life in a better way. Rest, I takes care of all my sequestration, respect sensibleness and just do n’t want to mess up the time doing rubbish. 


Physically, I keep myself fit and refreshed by regularly doing Yoga. Because of this routine exercise, I’m blessed with beautiful fascinating face a, seductive sexy figure. You see my angles are veritably attractive. And my posture is veritably emotional. I present my tone in good manner and always loves to hail people at first time meeting.